Monday, November 20, 2017

Poem by Arnold Watts and Happy Holidays!

It is amazing how quickly time passes! Already the holiday season is upon us. 

A Believer and fellow co-worker recently shared with me his sentiment that skin color is irrelevant when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ and how right he is! Our Lord and Savior made all different types of people to know and love him. How diverse his human creations are and were meant to be!

Over the weekend I found a copy of this poem in a church bulletin I had saved. I thought how much it reminded me of the conversation with my co-worker as well as the above video created by members of a wonderful church body that resides in Northern Virginia, McLean Bible Church


The Beautiful Color of Love

by Arnold Sparky Watts

What color is God,
Asked the child with skin so fair
Is he white like me,
Does he have light hair?

Is God dark like me,
Asked the child with skin of golden hue
Has he hair that's dark and curly,
Are his eyes black or blue?

I think God is red like me,
The Indian boy is heard to say
He wears a crown of feathers, 
And turns our nights to day

Each one of us knows that God is there,
In all the colors of love
So when your soul goes to Heaven,
When your life comes to its end
He will be waiting, and his hand to you 
Will he extend.

There will be no colors in Heaven,
Everyone will be the same.
You will only be judged by your earthly deeds,
Not your color or your name

So when your time comes, 
And you see God in his Heaven above,
Then you will see the only color that counts,
The beautiful color of love.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Rainy days and learning to see...

Raindrops and Rose Nov 3 Downtown Nashville - Photo by Laura Moody

Photographers - It pays to circle the subject you find so interesting! 

As you move around the object the camera picks up outside light differently depending on the sun or angle of the brightest light. 

Design skills are utilized as the photographer decides what to capture in the space the camera frame offers. As the shutter closes and opens again a snippet of  perceived reality is picked up and transformed into tiny pixels. Voila!

What is super amazing is that the light looked totally different when I stood 50 degrees away from the spot where I took the above photo and this image below was captured:

Symphony Fountains Nov 3 Downtown Nashville - Photo by Laura Moody

Light, design and a steady hand (most of the time!) yields favorable images.

Click here to read a robust blog entry on learning to see.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Smile and Share With Others

Thank you to the couple who now call this painting their own. :) I had it hanging on my patio for the longest while and so happy to give it away so that they and their friends will now enjoy it. 

The border is made with acrylic paint. A white chalk message is written over the navy center. The colors are painted atop an up-cycled kitchen cabinet door. 

Happy Fall!


Friday, September 8, 2017

Edelweiss - A Twist!

Looking forward to seeing this flower in person one day! 

When viewing some of my great aunts' memorabalia I found a paper with these words featured:

(Edelweiss Melody)

Bless our friends,
Bless our food.
Come, O' Lord and sit with us.
May our talk
Glow with peace,
Come with your love and surround us.
Friendship and peace -
May it bloom and glow,
Bloom and grow forever.
Bless our friends.
Bless our food.
Come, O Lord and surround us! 


Monday, August 21, 2017

Movie - Risen

The journey is incredible for each believer... the Truth sets humans free from the trappings of this world. To come to know Christ as one's Savior is THE pursuit that all should experience. Risen is a film that captures the emotions perfectly of the recognition and realization of what has transpired in our history. Believe!


Monday, August 14, 2017

US Total Solar Eclipse - Aug. 21 2017!

It hasn't happened in a century but what goes around comes around! :)

To celebrate the US Aug. 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse many festivals are happening in the towns along the moon's path. Do read the details in the link in the previous sentence for further information.

Plus, the US postal service created a groovy 2017 Total Solar Eclipse stamp that is triggered by heat to change the image on its front. Very creative!

If you look at the eclipse, remember to wear specially issued sunglasses when you look towards the sun. Have a fun day! 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Proper Hand Shake Makes a Positive First Impression!

Negative first impressions are hard to un-do so please please please do yourself a favor and learn how to shake hands correctly! 

Social etiquette matters and leads to more positive encounters.

Check out this web site for more details: