Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Heard it before? I know, but it seemed to ring truer this weekend than other times past. As I was finally unwinding and mentally preparing to head back to my corporate job, it occurred to me that I fret way too much. Again, not that this is news, it’s just that my recent past included way too many minutes of checking things off the “to do” list because they had to be done and getting mostly zero enjoyment out of all the effort. Monday through Friday I am paid to hurry. This idea spilled right over into my home life. I have been fighting it for a while now. The point is that life takes time. So why not take pleasure in it on a more routine basis?

Appreciate the menial tasks and the blessings of being a property owner, car owner and job holder. As best you can, forget the hustle bustle. Don’t even join in!

The “to do” list is never ending. It will always be around and guaranteed you will never accomplish it all in one day, or heck, one week or even a year. Tasks take time. Some projects take longer than 2 minutes. Recognize this and be a peace. Don’t let all those rushing around disturb your journey. Stress does more harm than good and that is a fact!

Know that God is teaching you with every event that occurs. He loves you and desires you to be in right mind and good health so you can hear, see and understand what He wants you to know. Enjoy the current task at hand with joy and know that Our Creator is always near, waiting to bless you and provide for you at life’s every turn.

Enjoy! Laura