Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staying Healthy in a Hectic World and Continuing to Grow!

Life is short. It was meant to be lived. How will you start?

Form good habits and become their slaves! (Og Mandino)

1)      What’s in your frig? What do you consume regularly? Avoid coffee, alcohol and dairy. Keep a journal of what you eat. Stay hydrated year round. Consume water, tea, fruit, soup, vegetables which are all high in water content.

2)      Rate your Overall Health, which includes not just your physical state, but your emotional and spiritual situations too. How do you react to life? Are you enjoying it or are you worn out? Stress and worry cause so much disease in the body. Don’t go there! God is in control. Ask Him how you should be living.

3)      Take steps to make changes! Plan ahead. Manage your life. Be prepared. Step One – Breathe. Step Two – Recognize that all you want to accomplish cannot be done in one day! Delegate. Say no. Set boundaries and know that it is okay to do so! Smile. J

4)      Live Love! Love God, Love your neighbor, Love Yourself enough to take steps to get back on track! Love your family, friends, people you don’t know. Perhaps spend some time volunteering in order to give back to your community.

5)      Schedule Time on your calendar for You! What is your passion? Reading, running, gardening, opera? Make an appointment for yourself and keep it. Consider getting a massage or going to a chiropractic appointment. Take those vacation days regularly. Visit some place locally that is new to you, whether it be a restaurant or park or perhaps it is place that you don’t go often, but always think a visit is a good idea because it makes you happy… the library? J Or perhaps see a movie or play at a local theatre.

6)      Keep Work in Perspective. Most of us have forgotten that by definition, a job is just a job. (job=job) While you may aspire to be the best employee that you can be, remember that the job should only require your attention for 7.5 hours each day, 5 days a week. There are supposed to be at least two 15 minute breaks in the day somewhere, however, we all know how easy it is to get tied up and do without them. Schedule them! Learn to work smarter, set limits and don’t feel bad when you leave the office and did not manage to accomplish the other 100 things on your to do list. By design, there is always too much to do. You are one person, a part of a team, generally dependent on others for various projects and their completion. Coming in fresh and rested each day is just as important as showing up! Getting run down defeats the whole purpose of earning a paycheck to live! So be well and make good choices.

7)      Get rid of cable and say goodbye to consistent noise. Do you really need to have the TV on 24/7? Other options - Spend time with your family, go outside, read a good book, commune with God!

8)      Be creative. We are made in God’s image and God is super creative! Look at all the different types of people he put on the planet! Doodle, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, or decorate furniture!

9)      Move your body! (That’s why you have one. J) Don’t sit at a desk all day… take a walk; park your car at the back of parking lots to get those steps in… dance, run, skip or what about joining an acting troupe or choir?

10)   Figure out your best qualities! What are you good at? Could you use those skills to help others? Are you using your strengths at work? If not, perhaps take steps to pursue employment where you could be executing them. Or, talk to your current boss about how you can re-write your current job description to include them.

11)   Respect Yourself! Sleep is so precious and absolutely required. Also, remember to see your doctor for regular check-ups to make sure that you are aware of anything that might need to be addressed. Be positive! Don’t fall prey to negative thoughts and don’t compare your weaknesses to the strengths of others. You have wonderful attributes too! God created all of us differently so we could help each other.

Peace of mind is a necessity. Work in the items above to your life and there is a very good chance you will be a happier, more pleasant and less stressed individual.

Carpe diem!


Photo above copyrighted and taken by Laura Moody.

It is of new growth on her dogwood tree that will have white blooms later this Spring.