Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feeling so Present!

Alright - so it is almost New Year's Eve! Have you made your resolutions yet? What will you do next year? What steps will you take to live out the dreams that you have been comtemplating since grade school, since last week?! There is no time like the present! Thank goodness for the holiday season! I was able to finally publish the coloring book that I originally developed in 1992. (Yes, long before each home had any pc living in it. Kinko's Copies and I worked well together and I sold the first versions in a Venice Beach, CA. bookstore that decade.) now offers my item on their web site and I look forward to it being the first of many publications in circulation this year. Also on my list is to paint more canvas, promote more of my creations and to make more contacts in the art world and add more friends to my life! You can never have too many of those. :) So thankful for blessings I recieved in 2008 and so excited for those yet to come in 2009! - LaMo