Monday, August 13, 2012

Did you know? You are a Miracle!

The unique traits that make every human body a work of art is extraordinary!

There are tons of facts to support each individual’s complexity and that alone is a testament to how magnificent, wonderful and intelligent our Creator is!

He has blessed people so much by giving them an opportunity to exist… each person is God’s possession. We are His and His alone. That should not only make us happy but surely content and thankful.

God has a will for each of our lives… there is something that each of us was meant to accomplish as a part of God’s plan.

He loves us so dearly that he wants to have a relationship with each person so He can show us first hand his incredible love and give us a glimpse of the amazing things that are in store for us for those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ.

Do you believe that God sent His Son to Earth to share the news of Salvation with those present at that time? Do you know that the Good News is just as true then as it is today?

I encourage you to keep asking questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the words that are written in the Holy Bible. Your spiritual health, after all, is very important.

Along the way, I also want to encourage you to take care of the amazing body that God has shared with you. Keep it in optimum shape by learning to eat the most nutritious foods and consuming beneficial liquids. Remember to exercise several times a week and you will not only feel better, but will be able to learn and understand more of the facts and ideas that God wants to share with you!

Here are two books that I have been reading lately. Enjoy!

I wish for you many days of good health, even more days of extraordinary peace and for you to be filled to the brim with the heartfelt joy that grows exponentially as you seek to know your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

~ * ~ Laura ~ * ~