Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Some things in life are FREE!

Photo by Laura Moody, Nashville, TN

Not everything in life costs money! Take magnificent lake views for instance. The image above was taken from a park trail at Radnor Lake in Nashville, TN. If you are able to get there, the experience is worth it. The area offers much wildlife and many walking trails.

If one is on a shoe-string budget or just wants to be a savvy consumer, here are a few web sites that offer for "free" the stuff we might want or need (such as couches, tables, books or DVDs). Usually you just have to go pick the item up at a designated time and place.

Many items are gently used or perhaps able to be fixed with a little elbow grease. Be sure to ask questions of the person offering the item.

Craigslist - Look up your closest city, then peruse the For Sale section for the Free area.

Freecycle - Become a member for free and meet people in your zip code as you offer/pick-up items.

Nextdoor - Your neighborhood's social network!

Have fun! :)